Monday, 18 July 2011

Thing 4 - Current awareness

Thing 4 gave me the push to start using my twitter account created a couple of years ago, which was dormant.  Been using for the past couple of weeks or so and got a wholesome count of 5 followers (no, not 5 m), wow! The pressure is building up - must start providing the goods.  Amongst others, I am following @techno4learning, which is full of library techy stuff and  Humanities. 

Signed up to a few RSS feeds and made mental note about remembering to check Goggle Reader. Find it helpful to have all news in one place, less chance to get distracted.

Pushnote - well, don't know much about it so went around to find out more, especially to see what other participants thought of it.  I found Bewo's blog very helpful and share her doubts about it's usefulness. Then came which confirmed my thoughts - it will provide opportunities for reflective writing and to be an active participant of the online community. Time will tell how much use I'll make of it.

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