Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Reflective practice - thing 5

My preferred model is Burton's - What? so what? now what? Know what you're putting yourself through,  find out whether there are better ways of achieving the same end then decide on how/what you're going to use it for.

So when I signed up for CPD23 I knew I was signing up to an online self-directed course which was going to introduce me to online tools to keep me update. So far I've reactivated my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, did my vanity check, found interesting sites, Twitts and networks, got my google reader bursting out with news feeds.

So far, the overall feeling is frazzled but satisfied with achievements. I'm no longer at the bottom of the valley and soon will get to steady ground to fully appreciate the view.....

 Well, am I better informed now than I was a couple of months ago? No is the short answer. The problem is they all scream for a level of interaction which as time goes on I'm finding it paralyzing.  Now what?

Time to go back to the beginning, visit more blogs/twitts and find out what I've missed.

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