Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thing 3 - personal brand

...feeling like I'm missing the train, got to hurry up.

Glad to have had to do this assessment. I was starting to loose sight of all my efforts - Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook and so on. Now I got all under control again and the plan is to continue to work on them.

Name used - I am happy with the one used for CPD23 but changed my Twitter and LinkedIn names to something that I can always remember.

Photograph - I've added a photo, although not yet one that I am happy with but it will do for now. I also found myself adding more photos than I intended on Facebook - put all down to learning experience.

Professional /Personal Identity - They're still very connected as I haven't got much out there in the way of personal - still feel unconfortable to broadcast my likes and dislikes. Another issue to review in the near future.

Had the vanity check with only my name and found myself checking sites from different parts of the world, quite refreshing but also distracting.

Having my name and "library" did the trick and it brought my blog and LinkedIn right to the top of the list. Lesson to keep in mind - pay attention to what gets included in profile.

Well, time to go to Thing 4.... well actually no, I'm rushing to my last CPD25 session- "Supporting our users...".  Hope to meet other CPD23 participants, my consolation prize for not being able to go to the "Real life networking" next week.

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