Monday, 27 June 2011

Getting to know the community

I've been  busy exploring the blog world via CPD23. In a frenzied serendipity I came across "everything you’ve ever wanted to know about library blogs and blogging!" by Ned Potter
 This is a gem as it offers a beginner's guide for bloggers and a number of  leads (must check them out).

Another useful blog that I've come across was "Adventures of a Librarian from someone who's not new to blogging or to online CPD. This one lead me to "Laura's Dark Archive" who has tips on reflective writing and other stuff related to Chartership.  Here she posted a link to e-portfolio - "" at I've registered and will be using it as my portfolio "box", always at hand whether at work or home. I've come across other e-portfolios but they weren't as straight forward or as comprehensive like  so I'm sticking to it.

At this stage I feel fully exposed with registrations all over the place, so quite ready for "thing 3"  - Branding!

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  1. Nice reading your blogs and I love your brandname! I am almost new to blogging and doubt ifmy blog has ever been visited. Anyway, i am bent on accumulating blog associates now and perhaps you'll have 1 or 2 things to teach me about chartership as I am just considering it. Thanks