Monday, 10 October 2011

Thing 10 - routes into librarianship

I started to work in libraries as a way of supplementing my income whilst studying for my Environmental Science degree. I finished the course and stayed on for one of the Library's summer projects and haven't left the academic library world since.  I moved from project worker to Library Assistant, working at the issuing desk and as part of the acquisitions team. It was only 7 years after graduation and 3yrs after my son was born that I decided to go for the MA in Information Services Management.

My second son arrived right at the end of the MA which meant a temporary break from CPD/job hunting (librarian post). It was time to develop new networks - baby groups, the playground gang, and some evening volunteering in a Law Centre. It was in the Law Centre that I finally understood the mechanics of faceted  classification.

Once back at work,  I started cataloguing and was offered the opportunity to work with a special collection, (TUC material) before moving into the Women's Library. After a few unsuccessful attempts to get a librarian position, I decided to register for the Chartership programme, to make my CPD more official and give me some sort of a structure to it, albeit a very loose one. 

Getting the Personal Professional Development Plan (PPDP) together for the Chartership took a while - not easy to incorporate "Chartership-level" projects into a LA's work schedulle.  Having joined CPD23 has given me some great ideas to explore, just wish I could go a bit faster....

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